Mark Levin Says Putin Is Using Tactics Straight From Stalin’s Playbook

Mark Levin Says Putin Is Using Tactics Straight From Stalin's Playbook

( – To Ukraine, Russian aggression is nothing new. Of course that’s no excuse for Russia’s current conflict with the much smaller country. As Ukrainians battle for their freedom and livelihoods, Mark Levin, an American author, lawyer, and radio personality claims Putin is using the same playbook as Joseph Stalin, the former premier of the Soviet Union.

During an episode of LevinTV, the author details the history of Russia, Stalin, and Ukraine. He explained that Stalin surrounded Ukraine to starve its people and force millions to die horrifically. Levin accused Putin of following a similar style, comparing the two leaders and their actions.

Levin mentioned how Putin is surrounding cities in Ukraine, attacking them and cutting off their supplies of medicine, food, and other necessary items. The radio personality and podcast host expressed his embarrassment of the Biden administration’s failure to support the people suffering in Ukraine.

He also talked about how experts are claiming MiG fighter jets wouldn’t make a difference, adding that he’s pretty sure Ukrainians know what they need in order to fight back against the aggressive actions of their larger neighbor. Ukraine is suffering, and the people there know what they need. It’s almost like history is repeating itself. Is Levin’s comparison reasonable, or is it too harsh?

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