Mass Exodus From San Francisco Continues

Mass Exodus From San Francisco Continues

Mass Exodus: Look What City Residents Want To Leave The Most

( – The COVID-19 health crisis caused Americans living in urban areas to relocate to less populated areas. The migration of residents especially impacted California. While the pandemic isn’t really an issue anymore, the Golden State continues to bleed citizens, namely those from San Francisco. What could be driving people to leave?

A recent poll from SFNext shows the residents of San Francisco are “fed up” with the metropolitan area. An overwhelming majority of respondents claimed the city is worse now than it was when they first moved there. One-third of those who participated expressed concern San Francisco would get worse over the course of the next two years. Meanwhile, fewer than 25% believed the city would get better in the same time frame.

Many of the respondents agreed there were three main aspects motivating people to move. The first was homelessness, with public safety coming second and affordable housing placing third. Around 60% of participants claimed racism was the reason the city wasn’t able to improve itself.

A great deal of the people leaving are moving to parts of Texas, Washington, Virginia, and Florida because they feel safer in those areas and believe housing is more affordable. Until San Francisco addresses its problems, the city will likely continue to see a decline in population.

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