Massie Thinks DeSantis Should be Indicted Next

( – Kentucky GOP Representative Thomas Massie, who is one of the main allies of Florida Republican Governor Ron DeSantis, suggested on July 27 that the GOP leader should get “indicted.” During an interview with McClatchy DC, he jokingly said this needs to happen so DeSantis could catch up with former president and presidential candidate Donald Trump in the polls.

Massie, who served with the Florida Governor in Congress and has publicly endorsed his presidential campaign, said during the interview DeSantis would be a “great” president. When asked about Trump’s popularity’s “upswing” after the indictments, the Republican lawmaker said he understands why so many Americans are “gravitating” towards the former president. He also said it was “very difficult” to navigate Trump’s massive popularity among conservatives as he supports DeSantis but also feels “sympathy” for the former commander-in-chief.

The Kentucky representative also explained that the current political situation in the Republican Party is a “referendum on the swamp versus Trump.” He explained this is a “difficult” scenario as many Republicans will see a candidate as “swampy” if he doesn’t show full support for Trump “at this moment.”

When asked what could DeSantis’ campaign do to overcome this situation, Massie jokingly said they got to find a judge that could indict DeSantis as soon as possible. Laughing at this hypothetical scenario, the Republican lawmaker said DeSantis’ campaign needed to make this happen to close the “indictment gap.”

In another part of the interview, McClatchy DC asked about what could seriously be DeSantis’ strategy from now on and what can he do to “regain momentum.” Massie responded that the Florida Governor needs to “weather out” the indictments against Trump and show sympathy for the former president.

He also said that the campaign is currently making some changes that could make the difference in less than expected. The conservative lawmaker then revealed that the Florida Governor will be spending more time in Iowa, which he considers crucial for winning the nomination.

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