Massive FBI Raid On GOP Election Clerk, Despite IG Rebuke

Massive FBI Raid On GOP Election Clerk, Despite IG Rebuke

( – The FBI is once again in the news after an investigative raid that appeared to selectively target political affiliates. During the early morning hours of Tuesday, November 16, special agents raided the homes of Mesa County Election Official Tina Peters and a former campaign manager named Sheronna Bishop.

Both women are outspoken Conservatives with ties to several Republican leaders. However, Peters is best known for her activism around election integrity and investigations into fraud claims during the 2020 election.

Bishop served as a campaign manager for Lauren Boebert (R-CO). Although, she is now one of Peters’ staunchest defenders.

An article recently published by NBC 11 contains an alleged quote from Peters. In it, the clerk accuses the FBI of “playing hardball, raiding homes with teams of armed agents to intimidate me and my friends, handcuffing parents in front of their children.”

Bishop, for her part, says that FBI agents arrived at her home at around six a.m. as she readied her children for homeschooling. They proceeded to use a battering ram on her door, placing her in handcuffs and searching the home, terrifying both her and her kids.

While the arrest warrant itself is not publicly available, Bishop also stated that agents left behind documents outlining her supposed crime: “intentional damage to a protected computer, wire fraud and conspiracy to cause damage to a protected computer.” She suspects they hoped to intimidate her into remaining quiet about election fraud instead.

The questionable operation came just a few short days after DOJ Inspector-General Michael Horowitz issued a report warning of waning independence from political influence within the FBI’s actions and policies. Horowitz’s comments paint a picture of an FBI that should be objective to all politics but is instead being weaponized against anyone who disagrees with Left-leaning agendas.

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