Massive Leak Exposes Leaders Including Vladimir Putin

Massive Leak Exposes Leaders Including Vladimir Putin

( – Leaks are often the only way the truth about specific individuals ever comes out. Typically, these revelations shine a light on the financial dealings well-known people conduct in the shadows. The most recent, named the Pandora Papers, is the largest of its kind to date.

The massive leak released nearly 12 million files, exposing 35 world leaders, along with hundreds of others, including celebrities, billionaires, and political figures. The Pandora Papers show these people using offshore systems to stash cash.

The leak contained nearly three terabytes of information, by far the largest to date.  The previous most significant leaks were the Panama Papers, revealed in 2016, comprising 2.6 terabytes, and the Paradise Papers containing only 1.4 terabytes.

Among the names in the published file are some prominent world leaders, such as Russian President Vladimir Putin. Major donors of the Conservative party are also present in the documents, likely leading to some difficult questions for the United Kingdom’s Prime Minister, Boris Johnson.

The papers also expose parts of the US, namely South Dakota and Nevada, as tax havens. For President Biden, who vowed to be a leader in an international effort to bring transparency to the world’s financial system, the papers may cause some discomfort.

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