Masterson Heads Back to Court on Harassment Charges

( – A Los Angeles Superior Court judge ruled on September 26 that the “That ’70s Show” actor Danny Masterson and the Church of Scientology will head back to court in September 2025 to face a civil lawsuit that was filed by three victims. They claimed that the organization harassed them for reporting Masterson to the police and eventually leaving the religious center. The actor was sentenced to two successive 15-year sentences after being convicted of sexually attacking two women.

The women, who have decided not to reveal their identities, were all former church members. They originally filed their civil complaint back in 2019, as they were looking for unspecified damages for what they claimed was a cruel and harrowing harassment campaign. The two Jane Does described different incidents of surveillance, stalking, and even vandalism against their properties and vehicles. They also said that their pets were fatally poisoned.

Over the last few months, the Church of Scientology has repeatedly denied this type of behavior and has even claimed that the accusations against the religious organization are false. However, it has also refused to respond to numerous requests for comments from numerous media outlets, TV networks, and newspapers.

According to different reports, following the two women’s accusations, the church responded that once someone is a member of it, the person agrees to have these types of issues with other members handled through “religious arbitration.” Former members explained this means that the church prohibits getting the police involved in any issue.

In addition to Masterson’s scandal, the Church of Scientology is involved in another major controversy, as actress Leah Remini filed a suit against it back in August. The sitcom star accused the religious organization in its lawsuit of monitoring every activity of “Scientologists and non-Scientologists.” She also claimed that the church tends to seek revenge and retribution against anyone who is considered an “enemy of Scientology,” which she described as a practice she wants to end permanently.

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