Matt Gaetz Returns to Fox News After One Year Since Weird Interview

Matt Gaetz Returns to Fox News After One Year Since Weird Interview

( – A little over a year ago, Representative Matt Gaetz (R-FL) appeared on Tucker Carlson’s primetime show on Fox News. Gaetz, under suspicion of improper sexual conduct with a teenage girl at the time, was there to defend his name and deny the allegations. The interview took an odd and seemingly uncomfortable turn, ultimately causing the young congressman to stay away from the Fox Network for an entire year. The streak ended Wednesday night, as Gaetz decided once again to have a go-around with Carlson.

One of the Weirdest Interviews

Gaetz’s original appearance on March 30, 2021 didn’t go over well at all. He was facing allegations against him of having sex with a 17-year-old girl and taking her across state lines, potentially state and federal crimes. While there were no charges ultimately filed against the accused lawmaker, he remained focused on continuing to defend his reputation.

On Carlson’s show, after being directly asked about the allegations, Gaetz told stories that confused Carlson, who ultimately told Gaetz that the spot was “one of the weirdest interviews I’ve ever done.” Wednesday, when Gaetz reappeared on the show, Carlson reminded him that it had been one full year — and that it was still one of the weirdest interviews he’d conducted.

The Confusing Story

Carlson’s designation of “weird” began when Gaetz offered a story about a dinner he attended with the host and his wife, reminding Carlson of when his wife told the congressman she had been threatened by the FBI. Carlson had no recollection of the moment, causing an awkward exchange. Gaetz also brought up rape allegations against Carlson that were decades old and debunked, which further upset the Fox News star.

Gaetz tells other stories to corroborate his theory that the suspicions facing him are part of a collaborative effort to destroy his career. He claims that he and his family are part of a sinister plot to blackmail him out of $25 million.

The Case Against Matt Goetz Doesn’t Exist

Congressman Gaetz isn’t currently facing charges, and the criminal investigation into his behavior seems to have ended. He continues to defend his honor and insists on dark forces at play being responsible for a smear campaign against him. He certainly was, however, under investigation at one point. During that time, Gaetz found himself informally blacklisted from Fox News.

With the restriction lifted, Gaetz was once again able to communicate with one of the most popular personalities on television. So far, there’s no word on why the congressman took so long to come back, but given his return, it’s probably safe to assume that both he and Tucker Carlson have moved on.

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