Matt Leinart Wife Is Trying To Help New NFL Wives

Matt Leinart Wife Is Trying To Help New NFL Wives

( – The drama between Tom Brady and his now-ex-wife Gisele Bündchen set the foundation for a show focusing on wives of professional football players. “Women of the League” looks to shed some light on the lives of the NFL’s wives — and who better to host it than Matt Leinart’s wife, Josie?

People might assume that the wife of a professional sports player has it made. However, “Women of the League” shows that notion couldn’t be further from the truth. Mrs. Leinart hosts the show, hoping to not only exemplify the true meaning of being married to an NFL player, but to help other NFL wives deal with the discomfort that comes with their lifestyle.

Leinart recently told the New York Post that one of her favorite episodes so far has to do with finances, noting it’s a point of struggle for many couples, even professional sports ones. Christen Harper, one of the show’s guests, mentioned “Women of the League” covers other uncomfortable topics. The host added that there are some difficult conversations.

Leinart asserted she’s looking forward to working with the other NFL wives on “Women of the League” to show the world these women are more than just accessories to famous players. She’s also anticipating putting an end to the stereotypes that surround them and other partners of athletes.

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