Mayor Adams’ Chief Fundraiser Raided by FBI

( – The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) raided the home of the chief fundraiser of New York City Democratic Mayor Eric Adams on November 2. Different media outlets revealed that the reason behind the FBI sweep was to determine whether his 2021 mayoral campaign colluded with a construction company in Brooklyn to funnel foreign money into Adams’ campaign coffers.

As reported by The New York Times, the investigators are seeking evidence that foreigners could have “bundled” donations by getting American citizens of Turkish origins to act as contributors. The main goal of the alleged scheme was to allow money coming from foreign entities to be disguised as donations from US citizens who didn’t donate the money. According to US law, foreign nationals are prohibited from making any financial support.

The New York City mayor said in a statement about the investigation that he feels comfortable as he always held his campaign, each of his staffers, and even himself, to the highest standard. He added he had nothing to hide as he complied with “rules and procedures.”

Adams’ chief fundraiser Brianna Suggs has been subpoenaed to formally testify before a grand jury. The New York Times pointed out she’s the most important figure in the mayor’s fundraising apparatus for his reelection campaign, which has already raised over $2.5 million.

During a press conference, Adams said that Suggs was a “professional” who always “does her job pretty well.” When asked about her legal situation, following the FBI raid on her home, the Democratic mayor said she would stay in his campaign team as he has “full confidence in her.”

In another statement published on November 3, Adams said he feels “angry” and “outraged” about the notion that “anyone” attempted to use his campaign to defraud it. He also said he has no knowledge about foreign money or “improper fundraising activity.”

According to different reports, one of the companies the FBI searched in Brooklyn was KSK Construction, which has built condos and apartments all over the city over the last few years. Campaign finance records show that 11 employees of the company donated $13,950 to Adams in 2021.

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