“Mayor Pete” More Worried About Equity Than His Job

(AmericanProsperity.com) – Since Joe Biden took office, he ensured that one of the main goals of his administration would be to advance equity throughout the federal government. Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg is following through on those orders by implementing the political concept of equity into the agency’s policies, according to The Daily Wire.  

In the wake of the East Palestine, Ohio train derailment, safety issues have not yet been addressed. After authorities ignited a controlled fire to deal with the hazardous waste that leaked from the derailed train, residents of East Palestine were told that the area is safe. 

Residents are now experiencing health issues, as well as their animals who are turning up dead. Instead of addressing the nation’s crumbling infrastructure, Buttigieg has reportedly commented that construction workers are not people of color while speaking to a crowd of white construction workers at the National Association of Counties Conference last week. 

The former mayor also claimed that construction sites are outsourcing their jobs to white people. He failed to address the Ohio incident. 

The “Safety First” website under the department is still from the previous administration, according to The Daily Wire. Meanwhile, the equity tab says that equity has become the department’s strategic goal for the first time. 

Buttigieg had reportedly waited 10 days before issuing a statement on the Ohio incident as he was being criticized for his silence by conservative media and some Democrats. 

Professor Victor Davis Hanson told the outlet that the belief in inequality as a result of racism enables the government to punish the alleged oppressors and provide retribution to those who are alleged victims. 

Ohio Governor Mike DeWine said that the Federal Emergency Management Association (FEMA) is not going to be offering assistance to residents that have been impacted, according to The Epoch Times.

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