Mayorkas Targeted in Impeachment Effort by Texas Republican

Mayorkas Targeted in Impeachment Effort by Texas Republican

( – The southern border has been a hotly debated topic among Republicans and Democrats as illegal immigrants continue to flood into the US. At the center of the controversy is Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS). The dismay for Mayorkas hit a head in the GOP as a Texas Republican filed articles of impeachment against the DHS secretary.

Republicans in the House have been outspoken about their intentions to remove Mayorkas. Representative Pat Fallon wasted no time in the new 118th Congress filing the impeachment documents. He acted on the very first day of the new session, though the papers weren’t officially filed until after Kevin McCarthy became Speaker of the House.

According to The Hill, Fallon’s filing, known as House Resolution 8, claims Mayorkas acted in a way that went against his duties as DHS secretary. The Republican noted that Mayorkas has failed to control the southern border.

Even so, the move won’t be able to go any further without the greenlight from House leadership. The foundation for the articles of impeachment largely relies on the fact Republicans believe Mayorkas lied to Congress, drawing attention to the secretary telling lawmakers his department had the border under control on multiple occasions.

Marsha Espinosa, the Assistant Secretary for Public Affairs, told the Washington Examiner that Mayorkas was “proud to advance” the department’s “noble mission,” to support its workforce and “serve the American people.” Espinosa asserted the DHS will continue its work to ensure the border is secure while also building an immigration system that is “safe, orderly, and humane.”

The spokeswoman declared that Congress could do more than “point fingers.” She added that they should bring real solutions forward and update immigration laws, which she called outdated, explaining they’ve been the same for four decades.

Mayorkas currently has no intention of resigning.

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