McCarthy Blasts President Biden Overt Debt Limit in Public Letter

( – Republican California lawmaker and House Speaker Kevin McCarthy sent a letter to President Joe Biden on Tuesday morning, blaming the US commander-in-chief for any adverse effect that may arise because of the looming debt ceiling deadline, and proposing different areas of discussion for implementing reforms and reducing spending.

In his letter, McCarthy told President Biden that he and other Americans feel concerned with each passing day, because of the way he is jeopardizing a “fragile economy” by insisting on his “extreme position” of not wanting to negotiate any significant change to the government spending and the debt limit increase. The House speaker also told President Biden that his position on this matter could prevent the country from “meeting its obligations” if maintained, which could have delicate ramifications that the country will suffer.

Among the different areas of negotiations proposed by McCarthy in his letter, he included rescinding unspent COVID-19 funds, taking measures to reduce energy costs, increasing security at the border, reducing non-defense government spending, and increasing work requirements on people without dependents that get assistance from the government. He explained that if these areas of negotiation are taken together, it would be possible to solve the “stubbornly high inflation,” which he described as the main problem that Americans are facing right now.

While McCarthy and President Biden haven’t held a meeting at the White House to discuss spending and debt limit since February 1st, the Speaker asked the administration in his letter to set a meeting for the end of the week in order to discuss these problems.

Over the last few weeks, Republicans have been pushing Democrats and President Biden to agree to cut spending as one of the main conditions to raise the debt limit. However, the White House has been rejecting this proposal and calling on the GOP to accept a “clean” increase of the debt limit without any single condition.

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