McCarthy Promises To Bring Biden Family To Justice

( – House Speaker Kevin McCarthy said on June 20 that the House Republicans’ investigation into the Biden family’s business activities will remain unabated despite any plea deal on tax charges for Hunter Biden. He told reporters this is another case of America’s “two-tier system,” where the Department of Justice will offer a deal or prison depending on your political affiliation.

McCarthy said that Hunter’s potential plea deal enhances the probe as the DOJ won’t be able to withhold any information on the matter. He added that the agency should now be able to provide the Congress’ Oversight Committee Chairman James Comer any piece of information he demands.

President Joe Biden’s son agreed to admit guilt regarding tax-related offenses and arrived at a diversion agreement about the unlawful possession of a weapon. In a statement, his lawyer Christopher Clark said that while he believes the matter was “resolved,” the office of US Attorney David C. Weiss notified in a statement that the probe was still ongoing.

Despite this statement, McCarthy suggested that the DOJ’s claims that the probe was ongoing were nothing more than an effort to withhold information from Congress. He claimed it was “unacceptable” not only that Hunter pleads guilty with no “jail time” but also that the agency tries to benefit the president’s son.

Over the last few months, Republicans have probed President Biden’s family’s foreign business dealings, with the commander-in-chief denying knowledge of his son’s business activities. However, an FBI “credible source” showed that the president was allegedly involved in a bribery scheme with a foreigner during his time as vice president.

In a separate statement, Comer said that while Hunter was benefitted with a “sweetheart” plea deal,” the evidence uncovered by his committee shows that “the Bidens” engaged in illegal acts. He said these include possible bribery and influence peddling. Comer added that his committee will determine the “full extent” of the president’s role in these criminal schemes.

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