McCarthy Says Israel Has Congress’ Bipartisan Support Despite Tensions

( – House Speaker and California Republican Kevin McCarthy said during a Monday speech at Israel’s Knesset that the Jewish state will have bipartisan support from the United States despite the recent tensions between US President Joe Biden and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. In the speech, he underscored the unity among Democrats and Republicans who traveled to the country as part of the US bipartisan delegation.

McCarthy told Israeli lawmakers he wanted to celebrate the historic bond that unites the two nations and to reaffirm the “bipartisan support for Israel in Congress.” He also called for congressional support for a “foundation” of the “special relationship” between Washington and Jerusalem.

A couple of hours before the speech at the Israeli Knesset, the House Speaker said he would gladly invite Netanyahu to the United States even if President Biden doesn’t want to. These comments come a couple of weeks after the US commander-in-chief declared he has no immediate plans to deliver a formal invitation to the Israeli Prime Minister. President Biden made these delicate remarks, following the massive protests that were taking place all across Israel after Netanyahu’s controversial judicial reform.

Responding to local reporters’ questions after the speech, the House Speaker said he expects the Biden administration to finally invite the Israeli Prime Minister for a meeting at the White House, to mark the Jewish state’s 75th anniversary. He added that the Biden administration has so far invited Israel’s President Isaac Herzog for a Congress joint session.

If McCarthy ends up inviting Netanyahu to the United States, this would represent a repetition of the Prime Minister’s 2015 speech in Washington. This was made to a joint session of Congress that strongly rejected the Obama administration’s attempt to close a nuclear deal with Iran, which many experts pointed out at that time it was a dangerous move that could severely damage the United States’ relationship with regional allies Saudi Arabia and Israel.

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