McCaul Says China Could Easily Take Over Taiwan Without Violence

( – During a Sunday interview at NBC News’ “Meet the Press,” Texas Republican and House Foreign Affairs Committee Chairman Representative Michael McCaul said that the Chinese regime could seize control of Taiwan in the next election without the use of violence, in a situation that could destabilize the geopolitical table.

When asked whether some people in Taiwan wanted a military confrontation with China, McCaul told host Chuck Todd that the current political situation in Taiwan is complicated, as he explained that one party wants to talk to Beijing while the other one doesn’t want to be part of the communist regime. He pointed out that this last party is the one of Taiwanese President Tsai Ing-Wen, while the pro-China party is the one of former President Ma Ying-jeou, who recently met with Chinese authorities.

McCaul explained that this significant difference between the two most powerful political parties in Taiwan represents a dangerous chance for China to take over this island, as Beijing will try to influence the next presidential election to make it happen, which will allow it to achieve one of its biggest ambitions “without a shot fired.” He also told Chuck that Taiwan’s January 2024 presidential elections are one of the most important electoral events in the world because they could determine the future of both nations.

Moreover, McCaul explained that his delegation met with President Tsai after a recent bipartisan House delegation he led to South Korea, Japan and Taiwan last week. He told Todd that President Tsai doesn’t want her country to be part of China, as she told him that the violent events in Hong Kong and the Russian invasion of Ukraine made the Taiwanese people open their eyes.

Finally, McCaul told Todd that the international community needs to help Taiwan in boosting its defense capabilities. He explained that, in case of a Chinese invasion, things would be difficult for Taipei City since it won’t have the proper deterrence for peace.

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