McConnell Attends Event With Biden in KY

McConnell Attends Event With Biden in KY

( – President Biden has launched a new bid for bipartisanship in Congress by appearing alongside a Republican senator. On Wednesday Biden spoke at the Brent Spence Bridge near Covington, Kentucky, to promote his infrastructure spending. Also in attendance were three Republicans. One of them was retired, but another was Senate Minority leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY).

On January 5 Biden visited Kentucky to deliver a somewhat confusing speech about US infrastructure. Significantly, he was joined by several Democrats, plus McConnell and two other Republicans — Ohio Governor Mike DeWine and former senator Rob Portman (R-OH).

Significantly, Biden was full of praise for McConnell. That’s unusual, because while McConnell is unpopular with many Republicans for his recent criticism of former president Donald Trump, he’s even more unpopular with Democrats. McConnell might have broken with Trump, but he’s certainly no moderate, and many on the Left think he’s determined to obstruct their legislative agenda at any cost.

There was no sign of that hostility on Wednesday. Biden called McConnell “my friend and colleague of many years” and reminded the audience that the congressman is the longest-serving leader in the Senate. He also praised the senator as “a man of his word,” and said he’s prepared to find common ground to get results. That could be exactly the sort of bipartisanship Biden hopes to use to get his bills past both the new GOP majority in the House and the shaky Democrat hold on the Senate.

Unfortunately for Biden, the current situation in the House isn’t as helpful to his agenda as McConnell is. Not only are House Republicans not willing to work with Biden, but they’re not even willing to work with each other at the moment. The House has repeatedly failed to elect a new speaker to replace Nancy Pelosi (D-CA). And that rebellion — led by Trump loyalists — is something McConnell definitely can’t help him with.

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