McConnell Says US’ Support of Ukraine Will Continue

( – Senate Minority Leader and Kentucky Republican Mitch McConnell said on Tuesday that the military aid the White House is sending to Ukraine will continue, despite calls from GOP members for the United States to stop getting involved in the Ukraine-Russia war.

During an interview with Bloomberg, McConnell said that even when many could feel the US support for Ukrainian troops might be clouded because some Republicans don’t want the Biden administration to keep sending aid, there’s enough support in the House of Representatives to sustain the Ukrainian defense.

McConnell made these comments as Congress is now led by Republicans, with many expressing their disagreement with the White House over its involvement in this war. In fact, House Speaker Kevin McCarthy claimed before the GOP achieved a majority that if the party gained control of the lower chamber, there wouldn’t be a “blank check” for the Ukrainian government.

In the interview, the Senate Minority Leader said that the support in Congress is strong enough to sustain this support “for a good deal longer.” He added that the Republican Party’s leadership in the Senate and Congress is “very much in favor” of beating the Kremlin in its invasion of Ukraine.

McConnell also said that the traditional GOP view of a strong national security policy to contain Russia’s geopolitical ambitions will become quite popular among Republican voters and officeholders. He even said he believes that Ronald Reagan’s GOP “is coming back,” pointing out this is good news because it would represent a renewed belief in US national security.

The $1.7 trillion omnibus budget plan that President Biden signed in December included $45 billion for economic and military help to Ukraine.  They chose such a sizable aid package because of their expectation that it would be hard to pass a spending bill this year in a split Congress, with Republicans in charge of the House and Democrats in control of the Senate.

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