Media Companies Go Overboard

Media Companies Go Overboard

( – As protests and demands for police reform spread across America, television networks are pulling content that may offend these causes. Paramount Network removed Cops from its lineup as of June 1, which was supposed to be the start of the 33rd season. Currently, there’s no intention of bringing it back on air — and this is just the start.

A&E replaced Live PD, a show that follows police officers during a shift, with Live Rescue, a less controversial show, on the weekend of June 6. The network chose to do this to respect George Floyd’s family, his supporters, and to protect the police departments they work with.

Warner Bros. has also taken Elmer Fudd’s gun and Yosemite Sam’s pistols out of Looney Tunes Cartoons, which is now streaming on HBO Max. Fudd often carries a scythe now, among other weapons, but is still allowed on TNT.

These current, popular shows are not the only ones to be changed or canceled, though. HBO Max has pulled Gone With the Wind in response to screenwriter John Ridley’s op-ed in the LA Times saying the movie praises the horrors of slavery.

As media companies remove content from their networks and streaming services, it’s crucial to know which shows and classic movies are being taken away or changed due to societal pressures. What’s socially acceptable today may not be tomorrow.

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