“Medicare for All” Not Understood But Majority Supported

(AmericanProsperity.com) – According to a new poll, the majority of Americans support Medicare for All but don’t necessarily understand what it means. Nearly 70% say they support the single-payer, government-run insurance program, according to a new Hill-HarrisX poll. A Kaiser Family Foundation poll in April found that 54% support the program. However, once they were informed of the cost of socialized medicine, support dropped to 37%.

Democrats supporting Medicare for All increased 2 points to 70%. Independent voters remained consistent at 68%. Among Republican voters, it dropped 6% over the last two years from 52% to 46%. The cost of the program, according to the far-left Urban Institute, is projected to cost $32 trillion over ten years. One study says even doubling all federal individual and corporate taxes would be insufficient to cover the cost.

As people are laid off or furloughed, millions of Americans lost their employer-based healthcare. However, Liberal lawmakers are trying to exploit the COVID-19 crisis and make a case for an extremely costly government-run single-payer healthcare system. Democrats have repeatedly said over the years that a crisis is a great time to exploit voter fears and change public policy. Looks like they’re trying to make that a reality when their focus should be on far more important, pressing issues.

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