Meghan And Harry on Alert After Mountain Lion Appears

Meghan And Harry on Alert After Mountain Lion Appears

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( – Prince Harry and his wife, Meghan Markle, moved two years ago to an exclusive neighborhood in Montecito, California. Their 14 million dollar home is in an area teeming with wildlife. One of their furry neighbors caused everyone to go on high alert.

A mountain lion was reportedly spotted about five miles away from Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s home. The Sun obtained a video of the animal prowling around a neighborhood in late July. The footage shows the animal walking slowly near trashcans in a resident’s yard.

Montecito Association Executive Director Sharon Byrne told the media outlet that the area is known for the big cats because of its mountainous terrain. Further, the drought is causing a situation where animals are searching for water and food in areas where humans live. “So far, all we have is this one sighting,” she said.

According to San Diego Parks and Recreation, between 4,000 and 6,000 cougars (as they are also called) live in the Golden State. Sightings and attacks on humans are rare. There have been just six fatal encounters between people and mountain lions since the late 1800s. In March 2022, a woman’s dog protected her from one of the big cats while they were out hiking, but sadly, the loyal pet later died from her injuries.

Montecito residents in Meghan and Harry’s neighborhood have received warnings to secure their homes and pets.

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