Megyn Kelly Exposes a Shocking Liberal Media Secret

Megyn Kelly Exposes a Shocking Liberal Media Secret

( – The liberal media catches plenty of flak from the GOP about its line of questioning during press conferences and even presidential debates. Some liberal outlets, such as MSNBC and CNN, often ask easy questions that help make the Biden administration look good. Right-wing media, such as Fox News, doesn’t do that, instead looking for answers to the hard questions.

White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki recently spoke with hosts from the “Pod Save America” podcast. During her time on stage, one of the hosts, Dan Pfeiffer, asked the Press Secretary if Peter Doocy was just playing dumb on camera or if he was actually unintelligent. Psaki responded, almost in Doocy’s defense, that the network he worked for, Fox News, gave him questions that would make anyone appear dumb.

Former Fox News host Megyn Kelly doesn’t buy it, asserting it’s not Fox that forces its reporters to ask certain questions. It’s the liberal media.

Kelly mentioned how she herself, during her time at Fox News, never once received questions from the network, declaring they were her own. The former host asserted the only reason Psaki went after Doocy that way was because he is always putting pressure on her with difficult questions.

In reality, no network should be forcing their reporters to ask certain questions; it’s the job of the reporter to find the truth regarding certain matters. Their ability to do their job is stifled if networks write the questions for them. Then again, giving reporters free rein could be damaging to the progressive narrative the Left is pushing.

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