Menendez Blasts President Biden Over Immigration

( – New Jersey Democratic Senator Bob Menendez said during a Sunday interview with Chuck Todd on NBC’s “Meet the Press” that President Joe Biden could become an “asylum denier in chief,” in case his administration maintains its plan of restarting family detention for migrants. Menendez also claimed that the Biden administration shouldn’t take this step, pointing out that the best part of its immigration policy has been ending family detentions, a policy he also defined as a “failure.”

Menendez’s words came after the New York Times reported that President Biden is seriously considering the detention of those who present themselves as families at the US-Mexican border. The report comes during one of the worst moments of the country’s border crisis, with analysts claiming that this problem could represent a significant hit for President Biden’s popularity. It has also sparked a lot of criticism from Democratic lawmakers and liberal activists on social media, considering the way President Biden criticized former President Trump for the same policy during the presidential campaign.

Menendez also explained that reinstating this policy would only make the situation at the southern border even worse, claiming that the current border crisis is experiencing a tense episode after cartel gunmen kidnapped four Americans who crossed into Mexico. He told Todd that family detention would risk many lives since Mexico is ruled by cartels instead of the government.

When asked about the new border policies’ changes implemented by Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas at the Department of Homeland Security, Menendez explained that the United States needs to implement a comprehensive plan in order to solve the border crisis He also explained that the White House needed to determine the different elements and reasons behind the massive number of migrants the country is receiving, focusing on the pull factors that made so many individuals escape their home countries and come to the US. Finally, he told Todd that the Trump and Obama administrations failed to find a way to deter people from coming.

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