Mexican Politician Arrested With 93 Pounds Of Cocaine In Car!

( – US prosecutors said on June 13 that a local politician from Mexico’s border city of Reynosa, Denisse Ahumada, was arrested at a Texas checkpoint. The arrest took place after American border patrol agents found nearly 93 pounds of cocaine in Ahumada’s vehicle. The news of her detention raised controversy in Mexico, with media outlets pointing out it was a shame and the latest example of the country’s corruption problem.

According to court records, her arrest took place in the Texas city of Falfurrias on June 10. This happened after she stopped at an inland security checkpoint and an x-ray inspection of her car revealed numerous anomalies in the seats and door panels. The agents investigated and found 42 different packages full of one kilogram of cocaine each.

Prosecutors said that Ahumada told Border Patrol agents she was going to deliver these packages of cocaine to San Antonio, Texas. In addition, she told these agents she had carried such shipments in previous trips to the United States. She currently faces one charge for drug possession with the intent to distribute in the US District Court for southern Texas.

As reported by the Mexican media, Ahumada was part of the National Action Party (PAN), a historic conservative party currently part of the opposition. However, the PAN office in the Mexican border state of Tamaulipas said in a statement that Ahumada wasn’t a member of the right-wing party. In fact, PAN’s state leader Luis Cantu said she was running for office on the Green Party ticket but then asked to join the PAN. Cantu said her request was denied.

Mexican political analysts have said Ahumada’s case is good news for Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador. After all, PAN is the main opposition party and her arrest can be used by the leftist leader to attack the conservative party.

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