Mexican President Accused the US Pentagon of Spying Operations

( – Mexico President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador accused the US Pentagon during a Tuesday press conference in Mexico City of conducting an espionage operation against his government, claiming that the armed forces should restrict information. The Mexican leftist leader made these remarks after a report from the Washington Post, which was based on some of the leaked classified Pentagon documents.

During the press conference, President Lopez Obrador told local reporters that his government has decided to “safeguard information” from Mexico’s Defense Ministry and the Navy. He said his government is taking this step because they feel they are the target of an espionage operation conducted by the US Pentagon.

On Saturday, the Washington Post reported that a leaked military assessment from the United States found that the Mexican Navy Secretary ordered officials to halt their cooperation with the nation’s army. The article explained this decision was because the Navy feels frustrated over the chances that the Army would eventually take control of the Mexican airspace. However, the liberal newspaper pointed out there wasn’t any indication that this information came from intercepts of Mexican officials or wiretaps.

The evaluation is part of a larger collection of highly-classified U.S. intelligence materials that a Massachusetts Air National Guard named Jack Teixeira is accused of leaking to a Discord chat group online he led. Last Friday, American authorities arrested him as the FBI determined that the 21-year-old Guardsman was the person behind the leak of the classified Pentagon documents.

During the press conference, President Lopez Obrador aimed at the US Drug Enforcement Agency, as he accused them of sending information to the Mexican media to attack his government.

Over the last few years, the Mexican leftist leader has made similar claims, where he accuses the United States or other nations of trying to “sabotage his government.” This is the same narrative that other populist leaders in the region like Hugo Chavez or Daniel Ortega have been executing.

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