Mexican President Urges Voters Not To Go For DeSantis

( – Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador called on Latino voters in Florida on Sunday to vote against Republican Governor Ron DeSantis. The leftist Mexican leader made this call a day after DeSantis announced his presidential bid, citing the Republicans stance on immigration.

During a morning press conference at Mexico City, Lopez Obrador said he hopes Florida’s Latinos “wake up” and refuse to give him a vote He said this was a necessary step as people shouldn’t vote for politicians who “persecute migrants,” or anyone who simply disrespects them. Moreover, the Mexican president explained why he believes DeSantis is a negative political figure, pointing out that DeSantis “uncovered himself.” He was referring to the way some politicians refuse to say anything about a presidential run and suddenly announce one.

The leftist leader told reporters he doesn’t feel surprised about DeSantis’s move as this was the only thing that explained the Florida governor’s anti-immigrant rhetoric. He even said he “wasn’t wrong” when he discussed DeSantis’ intentions with other journalists and members of his government.

These remarks represent the latest case of the Mexican president meddling in the United States elections. After all, he has previously blasted Republicans for the way they have been criticizing his handling of immigration and the flow of narcotics into the country.

Back in March, Lopez Obrador said he was going to launch an “information campaign” where he would tell Hispanics not to vote for Republicans. He made this statement during a press conference after lawmakers suggested military action to eliminate the drug cartels sending fentanyl into the country. This was a delicate situation as the Mexican government strongly opposed it, and some political figures in the US said this could be a dangerous move.

Lopez Obrador told reporters back then that the idea of executing a military action was “irresponsible.” He also said this action would represent the biggest “offense against the people of Mexico.”

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