Mexico May Be Behind the Latest Border Crisis

Mexico May Be Behind the Latest Border Crisis

( – The US continues to face a crisis at the southern border. Illegal immigrants have flooded El Paso, Texas, after allegedly being kidnapped by cartels. The Mexican Army reportedly rescued the individuals and escorted them to the US-Mexico border, where they released the victims and told them to turn themselves in to authorities in the US.

El Paso Matters noted that more than 1,500 immigrants crossed the Rio Grande River on the night of December 11. According to data from El Paso, more than 2,400 undocumented individuals attempted to cross into the US that day alone. If people living along the border were concerned about December 11, then December 21 is likely to wreak havoc on El Paso and other border communities that are already overwhelmed with migrants. That date marks when Title 42 comes to an end.

The US is already facing border security issues as undocumented individuals travel from all over Central and South America to seek asylum. However, Mexican authorities recently added to the issue after escorting 20 busloads full of migrants to the town of Juarez, Mexico. Authorities then released these individuals, leaving them for the US Border Patrol to handle. Not only is Mexico apparently not doing anything to prevent illegal immigration, but its officials are also actively encouraging it and making the problem worse than it already was.

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