Michael Flynn Says Hundreds of Millions Could Die

Michael Flynn Says Hundreds of Millions Could Die

(AmericanProsperity.com) – Once a national security advisor to former President Donald Trump, Michael Flynn is a retired Army Lieutenant General who recently gave his opinion on the continuing Ukraine conflict. With neither side budging, Flynn issued a grim warning, asserting that hundreds of millions of people could die as a result of the escalating situation.

Lt. Gen. Flynn mentioned how things are going between Russia, Ukraine, NATO, and the United States; war may be inevitable. The former national security advisor noted that American people are essentially in the dark, with the media only telling the public what they want them to hear. The retired general offered a unique opinion in The Western Journal’s recent exclusive.

According to Flynn, America is staring down the barrel of another Cuban Missile Crisis; only this time, the roles are reversed. The former general spoke about the Biden administration’s hardline approach to the situation, claiming it could cost hundreds of millions of lives. The possibility is especially significant given Senator Roger Wicker’s (R-MS) assertion that first-use nuclear action isn’t out of the question.

Flynn explained his Cuban Missile Crisis comparison, noting Russia only has one demand: Ukraine must not be a part of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO). The retired general asserted that if Ukraine became a NATO member, the US could place nuclear weapons right at Russia’s doorstep, threatening Russian security.

The retired lieutenant general mentioned the Biden administration hadn’t made a single statement about American interests in the region, other than their belief that Ukraine should be able to join the alliance. If what Flynn says is true, then America may be the “bad guy” here. President Kennedy compromised in October 1962, coming to an agreement with the Soviet Union; they wouldn’t send missiles to Cuba, and the United States would withdraw US Jupiter missiles from Turkey.

Perhaps that’s what the world needs right now, the ability to understand each other’s needs and wants instead of bullying each other into submission. It only ends badly for the average citizen.

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