Michigan to Surprise Tech Data Centers With New Laws Amid Climate Safety

(AmericanProsperity.com) – Michigan is attracting big-tech data centers with a new bill, but opponents have said that the bill would destroy the climate laws that were recently approved. The main issue with this is that the big centers would consume massive amounts of electricity.

The bills they are referring to would allow coal and gas plants to continue running even if the renewable resources could not handle the load on the energy grid. This would put an end to achieving one hundred percent renewable energy, and it will dramatically increase electric rates for residents. These centers could put a dent in the Great Lakes, consuming millions of gallons of water daily.

Christy McGillivray, legislative director for the Sierra Club of Michigan who is against the bills, spoke out on the situation. She said that the “sheer volume of electricity required by these things is almost unfathomable.”

McGillivray continued, “These are very clearly a nightmare, because they use so much energy and water that without mandatory protections for ratepayers and guardrails that require renewable energy buildout, we are not going to be able to cut emissions like we want to.”

Companies like Google, Microsoft, and Amazon, would be given tax incentives through this bill. Big tech lobbyists are pushing legislators to move the legislation quickly and many are looking for the addition of environmental and consumer protections. Says McGillivray, “It’s very hard to stand up to pressure from big companies like that.”

Data centers are quickly emerging and would be a serious threat to the climate goals set by the nation. These data centers are being used to store servers and networking equipment which helps to process the world’s digital traffic. These facilities have been said to demand up to fifty times more energy than the typical office building with the Department of Energy labeling it as one of the more “energy-intrusive building types.”

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