Middle Schooler Faces Grim Reality After Misgendering Classmate

Middle Schooler Faces Grim Reality After Misgendering Classmate

Middle Schooler College Dreams Shattered After He Misgenders Student

(AmericanProsperity.com) – Middle school is a time in a child’s education career when they prepare for the rigors of high school and think about their college dreams. Unfortunately, those dreams might be dashed for a Wisconsin middle school boy who is facing an accusation of sexual harassment for misgendering one of his classmates. With a Title IX violation on his record, he could be in for a fight.

Rosemary Rabidoux recently received a phone call from her son’s school. The principal told her to expect an email detailing allegations of sexual harassment charges against her boy. Confused and upset about the implication, she asked the head of the school what her son Braden could have possibly done. As it turns out, he allegedly neglected to use the right pronouns while speaking to another student.

According to Braden, he was simply exercising his First Amendment rights.

In all, there are three young teens facing the same charges at the Wisconsin school. The kids’ representative, attorney Luke Berg, said the school is misusing the Title IX rule. It’s meant to cover inappropriate touching, rape, and sexual assault, not calling someone by the wrong pronoun.

Berg is working to remove the blemish from the students’ records, so the mark won’t cause any problems that will hinder their future educational careers.

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