Migrant Children Detained at Border for 107 Hours

Migrant Children Detained at Border for 107 Hours

(AmericanProsperity.com) – President Joe Biden claimed he would strengthen America by ending the border policies of his predecessor. However, the situation he’s created through his open border directives is anything but a step in the right direction. New data shared this week shows that thousands of migrant children are spending an average of almost 4.5 days at border facilities under the current administration’s guidelines.

Over the past three weeks, US Customs and Border Protection have received 435 migrant children that are traveling alone per day. This is a decent increase from the previous average of 340 children per day.

Similarly, on Tuesday, March 9, CNN shared data indicating the average stay for these unaccompanied minors at border facilities is up to 107 hours, up from the average time of 77 hours taken last week.

This crisis is only increasing, something that even the New York Times is beginning to acknowledge:

President Biden does not seem to have an answer for how he’s going to deal with the surge of migrants at our southern border, including the thousands of minors he has sitting in facilities. As each day passes, the situation only grows more challenging. Hopefully, Biden will rise to the challenge he created for himself, perhaps by using policies from former President Donald Trump that kept our nation secure for four years.

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