Mike Lindell Plans a New Censorship-Free Social Media Site

Mike Lindell Plans a New Censorship-Free Social Media Site

(AmericanProsperity.com) – As cancel culture and Big Tech censorship continue to plague our nation, many citizens fear they’re losing their right to free speech and the ability to share information freely with others online. But, My Pillow CEO Mike Lindell just shared his plans to push back against this injustice.

On Friday, March 5, Lindell spoke on the “Charlie Kirk Show” and detailed a new social media site he has in the works that could be ready to launch in just a few weeks. Business Insider shared his hopes for the site on Twitter:

Lindell has been a fierce advocate for former President Donald Trump over the years and claims he has faced censorship from Google and Twitter since the election. The Trump ally accused these major tech companies of “suppressing our voices,” and this seems to be a major motivator for him to start the new site.

While Lindell refrained from sharing the site’s name or what to look for, he did encourage his followers that, after its launch, the site will be a place “where everything can be told.” Thankfully, with this good news, we can look forward to embracing a free and open virtual public square in the near future.

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