Mike Lindell’s New Social Network Allegedly Targeted By Hackers

Mike Lindell's New Social Network Allegedly Targeted By Hackers

(AmericanProsperity.com) – Since Big Tech really began cracking down on free speech over the past year, users have been looking for alternative social media platforms where their views can be shared without censorship. Enter Mike Lindell’s platform Frank Speech, nicknamed Frank, which launched this week. However, the freedom event was likely targeted by hackers “from all over the world.”

On Monday, April 19, shortly after the launch of Frank, Mike Lindell shared during his 48-hour Livestream kick-off event that hackers had targeted the platform. Political strategist Chuck Callesto shared the news as it broke:

As of Tuesday, April 20, the website is not fully operational and many users are having difficulty creating accounts. However, Lindell is optimistic his platform will be up and running soon and will help the “revival” surrounding free speech in our nation.

This long-awaited, censorship-free platform could be incredible at fostering a healthy, freedom-loving community on the internet. But, it must get up and running first.

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