Mike Pompeo Issues Warning Over Biden’s Handling of Iran

Mike Pompeo Issues Warning Over Biden's Handling of Iran

(AmericanProsperity.com) – Plenty of lawmakers agree that Biden’s current way of handling Iran is not enough to keep the nation from developing nuclear weapons and growing its hostility towards surrounding countries. But, former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo added his voice to the mix this weekend, urging President Biden to stand up to the hostile nation.

On Sunday, March 14, Pompeo spoke with talk show host John Catsimatidis about the “crappy” Iran deal that Biden says he’s likely to return to. He stated the US and the Middle East would be “less secure” if Biden continues to pursue the deal and ease sanctions on the nation.

Pompeo outlined how the Trump administration used strength, power, and resolve to deal with the Iranians, and urged Biden to do the same. In order to keep America secure for future generations, we must showcase these attributes so Iran backs down and gives our nation its due respect.

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