Miraculous Survival: Couple’s Prayers Answered After United Flight Plunges

Miraculous Survival: Couple's Prayers Answered After United Flight Plunges

(AmericanProsperity.com) – Every once in a while, something happens to remind us simply to have a little faith. One couple’s recent experience hints at the power of prayer after their flight took an unexpected plunge toward the Pacific Ocean and narrowly missed disaster.

The Air Current initially broke the story of the flight’s scary close call. A Boeing 777-200 flying for United Airlines took a nosedive shortly after takeoff, coming within 775 feet of impacting the ocean before correcting its trajectory. The December 18 flight departed from Maui and headed for San Francisco. The plane reached an altitude of 2,200 feet before suddenly plummeting at a rate of 8,600 feet per minute, losing more than 1,425 feet of altitude in approximately 10 seconds. The incident lasted less than 45 seconds, but that was long enough for passenger Rod Williams II and his wife to whisper silent prayers for a miracle.

Williams, who studied aviation in college, told CNN the airplane came within “5 to 5.2 seconds” of impact when it abruptly ascended. He stated he did his best to stay calm for the sake of his two children, aged 7 and 10, and others aboard the flight, but he had feared the worst. He recalled a moment when he and his wife made silent eye contact while gripping their seats. Later, the two shared how they had prayed for their lives during those moments.

The dangerous weather conditions, and subsequent turbulence, took down a Hawaiian Airlines flight coming in from Phoenix that same day. No one died in the crash, but 25 people suffered injuries — six of which were serious. The same storm system later resulted in disastrous delays and cancellations during the holidays, temporarily toppling Southwest Airlines.

This latest incident is just one of many close calls that have occurred over the last few months. A Boeing 787-8 flying for Qatar Airways nearly crashed on January 10 shortly after leaving Doha. Then, on January 13, two jets nearly collided on the runway at JFK airport in New York when an American Airlines 777-300ER crossed in front of a Delta Airlines 737-900ER. A similar runway incident occurred on February 4 between a FedEx 767-300 freight carrier attempting to land in Austin, Texas, flying over and narrowly missing a departing Southwest 737-700 jet.

Regardless of how the Williams’ flight corrected itself, the shaken vacationer says he’s simply grateful to be alive to tell his tale.

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