MISSILES Spotted – Reports Are Swirling!

Missiles Strike Poland Killing 2

Missiles Strike Poland Killing 2

(AmericanProsperity.com) – Officials awakened President Joe Biden in the early morning hours on November 16 to inform him about a missile explosion in Poland resulting in two civilian deaths. The president, in Indonesia for the Group of 20 summits at the time of the tragedy, immediately met with other world leaders to discuss their investigation.

At first, all fingers pointed toward Russia, with the earliest reports suggesting Putin’s forces had spilled their war on Ukraine into neighboring Poland. The AP News retracted its initial release on the matter, noting more recent accounts showed Ukrainian troops had likely fired the missile defensively, but the projectile had simply failed to reach the correct target. The confusion might have occurred over the likelihood that Russia appeared to have manufactured the missile itself — an unconfirmed, unofficial speculation thus far.

Still, based on the possibility the explosion resulted from an intentional attack on the Kremlin’s part, Biden has clarified he will uphold NATO’s Article 5. The provision states all allied countries view attacks on one of them as an attack on them all, compelling the group to respond accordingly. If Russia did intentionally send a missile to Poland, the move would essentially be a declaration of war against all NATO countries.

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