Missing Girl Found, Charges Filed

Missing Girl Found, Charges Filed

(AmericanProsperity.com) – Thousands of children are victims of abduction every year; it’s a parent’s nightmare. While authorities find some abductees alive, many other times, they do not. After more than two weeks, police in Australia had nearly given up on finding the missing girl.  Yet, they found her alive on October 20.

A stranger had abducted 4-year-old Cleo Smith from her family’s tent at a campground just under three weeks ago. 36-year-old Terry Kelly is facing multiple charges, including child abduction.

Reports indicate that Kelly raised suspicion when he purchased diapers, as the 36-year-old didn’t have his own children. Police found the 4-year-old girl in Kelly’s residence, alive and visibly well. Sergeant Cameron Blaine, a senior detective, explained that he could only see her from on the outside, but the young lass appeared to be okay.  He said she seemed “well adjusted and happy.”

Blaine expressed that finding the girl alive is the outcome everyone hoped for, but it’s not what they’d expected. According to a Newcastle University criminologist, finding the victim of a stranger’s abduction alive is rare. In these cases, the kidnappers usually kill their victims within three hours of taking them.

Kelly appeared before a magistrate judge, who denied him bail. Authorities have since moved the 36-year-old out of police custody and to a hospital. The prisoner had intentionally injured himself by banging his head on the wall, but police say the injuries aren’t serious.

The young girl, her family, the police, and the local community are grateful for the happy ending, knowing outcomes like this one are often not the case.

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