Missing Time During COVID-19 Termed as a “Pandemic Skip”

an asian chinese female looking out from her balcony window with her face mask during the restricted movement order in malaysia

(AmericanProsperity.com) – The pandemic changed a lot for many different people all over the world and it’s something that many are still recovering from.

Amid illness, there was also a mental challenge that many were going through when it came to benign isolation and having their life seemingly stop for 3 years straight. The girls on the “Between Us Girlies” podcast came up with a name for it, calling it the “Pandemic Skip.”

The Pandemic Skip has gone viral on social media after many have jumped in to say that they have experienced this and relate to what these ladies are saying.

Casey Corradin, podcast co-host, said “Whatever age you were when the pandemic started is where you’re at mentally,” when speaking about the Pandemic Skip. She continued, “We were in our early 20s when the pandemic started — and we took a big chunk of the early-20s, figuring-your-life-out phase, and now we’re 27 and we’re still figuring it out.”

Dominique Hamler, a Registered Nurse, spoke out about the Pandemic Skip and said it’s very possible that it’s a real thing that people are experiencing and that it affects people differently. She says that it refers to “that time period where our lives were disrupted.”

Hamler considers it a bit of a mental regression or mental pause, as many still feel the same age and same mentality that they did whenever the pandemic started.

“For people in a developmentally sensitive state … when a lot of developmental change is occurring, such as young adults, it makes sense that they would feel this most, compared to older adults whose lives were already relatively stable when the pandemic started,” she said. While also saying it’s like a “movie you paused, then came back to.”

Hamler says that this could cause a huge concern for some people and even over time. She explains that if people “were thinking of getting married or having kids, this was put on hold.”

The podcast duo and Registered Nurse Hamler, as well as many others on social media, have claimed that this is a real thing and many people have experienced this since going through the pandemic.

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