MIT Failed to Discipline Student to Prevent Deportation

( – According to a Twitchy November 12 report, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) was criticized after administrators recognized that the university failed to expel anti-Israel student demonstrators to prevent their deportation. In a statement, MIT President Sally Kornbluth explained that the university would merely suspend students who were part of the demonstration from non-academic campus activities to prevent “collateral consequences.” She also said these include “visa issues.”

On November 8, the pro-Palestinian student group Coalition Against Apartheid conducted a large demonstration that the MIT president said defied the school’s policies governing student actions. Kornbluth pointed out she and other authorities feared that the protest could lead to violence, and said that the administration had to take action to protect everyone.

Kornbluth explained in her statement that these students will remain enrolled at the school and will be able to assist academic labs and classes. She said that MIT authorities will refer the interim action to the Complaint Response Team and the Committee on Discipline to take a final decision.

Following her statement, she and the university were widely criticized by social media users and some public figures, as MIT previously threatened to expel students who violated its guidance and policies. One of these was Arkansas Republican Senator Tom Cotton, who said on his Twitter account that visa issues should be a reason to suspend the “pro-Hamas foreigners” and even “deport them” to their home countries.

Another public figure who criticized MIT was Democratic strategist and co-founder of the New Policy Institute and the New Democrat Network, Simon Rosenberg. On his Twitter account, he pointed out that while he knows that universities are having a difficult time in dealing with these protests, what MIT did was not “okay.”

Pro-Israel MIT student group Israel Alliance also blasted Kornbluth and the university staff for having no “clear response” to the repeated harassment of Jewish students by the Coalition Against Apartheid.

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