Monkeys Escape After Crash: CDC Monitoring Residents for Symptoms

Monkeys Escape After Crash: CDC Monitoring Residents for Symptoms

( – Monkeys are often test subjects for organizations to ensure their products are safe for human use. The primates also help researchers investigate health services and diseases. Recently, a truck carrying monkeys for the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) crashed and allowed some to escape, prompting the organization to warn locals to monitor themselves.

On January 21, a truck pulling a trailer full of around 100 monkeys collided with a dump truck. The crash caused crates full of animals to scatter across the road, allowing several test subjects to escape. Authorities urged people not to approach or attempt to capture the primates; the CDC later told residents to monitor themselves for “cold-like” symptoms.

A spokesperson for the CDC stated the monkeys were going to a CDC-approved quarantine installation from New York. The pickup truck transporting the primates crashed into the dump truck on Friday in Danville, PA. Since the incident, authorities insisted they’ve captured and humanely euthanized all escapees.

A local in the area, Howie Lerch, asserted that the monkeys don’t scare him, naming the numerous dangerous animals in the area. Instead, Lerch mentioned that the CDC’s concern is what troubles him — a rational fear given the circumstances surrounding COVID-19.

Why was the CDC so concerned over the monkeys, and why were they on their way to a quarantine facility?

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