More Americans Are Breathing Unhealthy Air Every Day

( – According to experts, about 1 in 4 Americans, or 83 million Americans are breathing in unhealthy air quality every single day.

Many Americans suffered from terrible air quality last year as the Canadian fires spread across the country and carried smoke even further into the United States. This led to New York having the worst air quality since the 1960s, and it’s expected to get worse over time as many experts say that the number of Americans exposed to terrible air quality will jump to 125 million.

A similar event occurred years ago which prompted the signing of the 1970s Clean Air Act, however, this time around the problem might be harder to solve as it’s connected to climate change and not just pollutants from people.

The rise in poor air quality can cause various negative effects. “We’re essentially adding back additional premature deaths, adding back additional heart attacks. We’re losing productivity in the economic markets by additionally losing outdoor job work days,” said Jeremy Porter who is head of climate implications research at First Street.

There have already been reports of people moving away from areas where there is bad air quality or where they may have to deal with wildfires.

“We’ve seen very early statistical signals in our own analysis that people are moving away from the smoke that comes from wildfire,” Porter said. “The downstream effect of people moving away is that property values start to suffer because the area becomes less desirable. And then as the area becomes less desirable, tax revenues are directly impacted because the property values are decreasing.”

Experts say that the increase in days of unhealthy air quality is expected to increase as time goes on. Our air quality is being affected by many aspects such as climate change, higher temperatures, and wildfires, which increase the particulate matter, which can substantially affect the climate and air quality.

Experts also spoke out about precautions the public can take to keep themselves safe during bad air quality days, such as by keeping windows and doors closed, as well as staying indoors as much as possible.

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