More Details Emerge in Case of Murdered Pregnant Woman

More Details Emerge in Case of Murdered Pregnant Woman

( – On April 8, authorities in the Houston, Texas area went to the scene of a reported female driver who was unresponsive in her car. Upon arrival, police found the woman suffered a gunshot wound to the head and pronounced her deceased on the scene. The Houston Police Department (HPD) offered preliminary information via Twitter and asserted homicide detectives were on their way to investigate.

Authorities have identified the woman as 27-year-old Amber Butler. The young woman, a college student and mother of a 5-year-old boy, was only days away from giving birth to her second son. Her family described how excited she was and that she was looking forward to her baby shower, which was set to occur that weekend.

Unfortunately, Butler’s unborn child also died as a result of his mother’s death. As of now, detectives don’t believe the incident was a suicide. Investigators have also begun to rule out the possibility of this being an act of road rage and instead believe the woman was the target of an intentional attack.

Authorities haven’t released any further information regarding the case, according to Newsweek. Philip Pak, a detective with the HPD, noted there were spent casings outside of the Chevy Malibu that Butler was driving, but he claimed it was unclear if there was any connection to the potential murder.

The victim’s friends and family couldn’t recall anyone who may have wanted to harm the 27-year-old and asked for prayers to help find Butler’s killer.

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