More Stimulus Money Could Be On the Way

More Stimulus Money Could Be On the Way

( – In an interview with Joe St. George, President Donald Trump confirmed a bipartisan stimulus package would be coming in the following weeks. When asked if hurting Americans would get a second stimulus check, he replied “yes, we are.”

Trump did not reveal an amount and the White House has not taken an official stance yet. Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin has implied that checks may only be sent to “some Americans” as government spending should be limited at this time.

Many advisors are hoping to figure out more ways to safely get people back to work while encouraging consumer spending. These are the cornerstones of economic growth and the only way to keep government spending at bay.

It’s vital to note that America’s charitable donations are the highest they have been in three years. So, maybe instead of more stimulus money, we should rely on the American people to take care of each other through giving.

As different proposals are put forth to address these unique challenges, voice your opinion to your local representatives in order to keep taxes low and the future of America in good hands. They need to hear from us to get the message…

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