Most Americans Want Biden To Take Stronger Stance Against Beijing

( – A recent poll conducted by The Trafalgar Group revealed on Monday that the vast majority of Americans want President Joe Biden to take a stronger stance against the Chinese communist regime. The pollster explained it surveyed 1,082 likely general election voters in February’s last week, with nearly 58 percent responding that the Biden administration needs to get tougher against dictator Xi Jinping, leading a multilateral coalition to contain Beijing’s ambitions in the geopolitical stage.

On the other hand, The Trafalgar Group pointed out that 17.1 percent of American voters believe that President Biden is currently taking the correct approach against China, and that he should continue with it. Moreover, the pollster said that nearly 9 percent of voters felt that Washington should make efforts to de-escalate tensions with the Chinese regime in order to prevent a major conflict with the world’s second-largest economy. The remaining 16.5 percent of voters said they weren’t sure what to say about President Biden’s stance on China.

The results were broken down by political party, revealing that nearly 40 percent of respondents who consider themselves Democrats and 76 percent of respondents who consider themselves Republicans supported a stronger stance. Among independents, only 54 percent said that the Biden administration should be more aggressive against Beijing.

The poll also asked voters whether President Biden had a personal conflict of interest in responding to Beijing’s aggressive stance on the geopolitical stage, considering that congressional Republicans recently announced they are investigating the president’s family’s business dealings overseas. The poll showed that 57.2 percent of voters believe there was a conflict of interest, while 9.3 percent were unsure and only 33.5 percent believe there wasn’t.

The Trafalgar Group’s nationwide poll was conducted along with the conservative group Convention of States Action. The pollster explained that its poll has a margin of error of only 2.9 percentage points.

“This poll shows that Americans are rightly concerned about China’s aggressive actions towards the US,” President of the Convention of States Mark Meckler said, adding that respondents want to see more leadership from President Biden.

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