MSM Scrambles to Hide Marvel’s Utter Box Office Fail

( – According to a PJ Media November 11 report, the Disney film “The Marvels” is still underperforming expectations, following a lackluster opening on November 10, with only $27.5 million gross at the box office. The media outlet pointed out the poor performance puts the movie on track to become the worst Marvel Cinematic Universe opening in history, and noted that the mainstream media is trying to hide its massive failure.

According to different reports, while Disney didn’t have too much hope for the film, it expected to open around $55 and 60 million in gross before its release. However, box office projections have been cut so much that the entertainment conglomerate is now expecting between $47 and 52 million after the movie’s opening night.

As reported by PJ, while the mainstream media is failing to properly cover the movie’s failure, some of the most popular reviewers like Nedrotic have already said that The Marvels was “god awful.” Also, the film only reached a 56 percent of positive rating on Rotten Tomatoes, which is negative as movies with “good reviews” score between 60 and 65 percent. Also, Rotten Tomatoes’ Top Critics, who are considered the most trusted reviewers by audience members, ranked the movie at 42 percent.

About the movie’s failure, some critics have said that the replacement of famous characters like Thor, Captain America, and Iron Man played a crucial role. Some added that Disney committed the “grave mistake” of including writers and directors who have experience in other genres and don’t understand the superhero gestalt.

Despite these elements, which have contributed to the movie’s failure, some media outlets have said that the real reason why The Marvels is underperforming is “superhero fatigue.” Some of them have said that those who are criticizing the film are only doing it because they are “misogynists” who don’t like to watch a woman playing a prominent role in a superhero film.

On Twitter, a Screen Rant reporter even said that men were to “blame” for the movie’s lack of success because female casting made the male audience “hate” The Marvels.

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