MSNBC Host Says Adoption “Isn’t Always Safe” for Black Babies

MSNBC Host Says Adoption

Liberal News Host Makes Wildly Ridiculous Claims About Adoption

( – Abortion has long been a topic of debate. The fiery arguments between allowing abortion and restricting or banning abortion have once again sprung to the front page as the Supreme Court may overrule “Roe v. Wade.” People argue that abortion spares women the suffering of having babies they can’t afford, while its opponents say adoption is always an option. Tiffany Cross of MSNBC disagrees, claiming adoption isn’t a safe alternative for babies of color.

A recent airing of MSNBC’s “The Cross Connection,” which Cross hosts, included discussions on abortion and adoption. The host, joined by abortion activists, claimed black and brown kids don’t get adopted as often as white ones. Cross mentioned that many of these children “stay in the system for a long time.”

Executive director of a pro-abortion group, Michelle Colon, agreed white kids were adopted more often than those of color. Colon added that adoption was a misconception that helped fuel the anti-abortion argument. The executive director mentioned no one was in a hurry to adopt children of color, adding that Republicans failed to protect black and brown children in the United States. Cross felt that Colon was correct, claiming there was a point in time when pro-life people attacked abortion clinics with bombs, adding that abortion rights advocates sometimes resorted to violence.

According to Cross adoption isn’t safe, but abortion is, meaning rather than give a child a chance at life, she’d rather kill it before it’s ever born — for its own protection. It’s simply an outrageous claim.

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