MTG Rips GOP Members Who Didn’t Censure Tlaib

( – Georgia Republican Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene blasted the 23 House Republicans who voted against her resolution to censure Michigan Democratic Representative Rashida Tlaib. On her Twitter account, Greene published a list of every single Republican who voted in favor of the “Squad” member, and said each one of them was “pathetic.”

Greene wrote it was unforgivable that so many House Republicans decided to “support” the Democratic Party by securing the presence of a radical leftist in Congress. The Georgia representative also said their refusal to censure Tlaib was one of the reasons why the Republican Party will never be able to “stop the communist Democrats” or even hold “anyone accountable.”

She also published a list of GOP representatives who abstained from the vote. The list included House Speaker and Louisiana Representative Mike Johnson. During an interview with Fox News’ Sean Hannity, he defended his decision to abstain from voting as he said that Democratic leaders needed to be defeated “on policy.”

Johnson said he believes that if any politician decides to censure a Democratically-elected lawmaker or political leader, the “Pandora’s box” will be opened and the consequences would be “unpredictable.” He also suggested that Greene shouldn’t be taken seriously, as he said that many members of Congress usually say “a lot of foolish things.”

On October 25, Greene moved to force the vote against Tlaib, following the Michigan representative’s criticism of Israel, after the attack perpetrated by the Palestinian terrorist group Hamas on the Jewish state on October 7. Greene’s resolution formally accused Tlaib of “antisemitic activity,” as she said that the Israelis were imposing an “apartheid system against Palestinians in Gaza.” Tlaib also claimed that the Biden administration needed to end the Israeli “occupation.”

As reported by The Hill, the Republicans who voted against the censure were “somewhat of a surprise,” considering that most GOP representatives blasted Tlaib for her comments against the Israeli government.

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