Multiple Casualties Reported After U-Haul Truck Incident

Multiple Casualties Reported After U-Haul Truck Incident

( – New York City has seen an uptick in violent crime over the last several years. Just this past week, there have been incidents of people being kicked down subway steps, and another man was shoved onto subway tracks. Then, there’s the case of the man driving a U-Haul truck who terrorized the city of Brooklyn for nearly an hour.

On Monday, February 13, a man, later identified as 62-year-old Weng Sor, took to the streets of Brooklyn and drove his truck rental through the city, hopping up on curbs and striking people on foot and on bicycles. The mayhem started around 11 a.m. in Bay Ridge and ended in Red Hook, three miles away.

After striking several people with his vehicle, Sor led law enforcement on a high-speed chase before police caught up to him and put an end to the violent incident. Sor, who reportedly told police to shoot him during the chase, also professed a desire to die, according to the New York Post.

In the end, one person died and several others were critically injured.

Speaking to The Post, Sor’s brother-in-law, Daryl Singer, shared that the man suffers from schizophrenia, calling him “crazy.” Sor has a documented history of mental illness and is believed to be homeless. His son, Stephen Sor, spoke with AP News and said his father would often “skip out on his medications and do something like this.”

This isn’t Sor’s first stint with the legal system. In 2015, he stabbed his brother in Las Vegas and ended up doing time in prison. He served approximately 17 months behind bars for the crime. His family also relays that he has violent tendencies. The exact motive behind the man’s violent spree remains unknown.

Police have Sor in custody but have yet to formally charge him with a crime.

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