Multiple GOP Lawmakers Oppose Finland & Sweden NATO Inclusion

Multiple GOP Lawmakers Oppose Finland & Sweden NATO Inclusion

Multiple Republicans Say No To New NATO Alliances

( – After the Russian invasion of Ukraine, Europe fell on high alert. Sweden, which has been largely neutral, and Finland recently requested to join the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO). Russia strongly opposes the idea and has threatened nuclear retaliation. The US House of Representatives recently met to vote on a resolution supporting the two countries joining the military bloc, but a dozen and a half Republicans said no.

Despite the effort, the Republican rebuttal wasn’t enough to thwart the measure. House Resolution (HR) 1130 supports the idea of the two Nordic countries joining NATO and urges other members of the bloc to also endorse the move. In addition, the measure would oppose any attempts from the Russian government to retaliate as well as urge existing treaty members to honor their 2014 Wales Summit pledge to pay 2% of their gross domestic product in defense spending.

The House passed the measure just two months after Finland and Sweden requested to become members of the military bloc. NATO itself just formally invited the Nordic countries to join less than a month ago. Many of the Republicans opposed HR 1130 because only a small percentage of NATO members have been honoring the defense spending promise.

Rep. Thomas Massie (R-KY) tweeted that the US “can’t afford to subsidize” Europe’s defense and shouldn’t do so. He explained that’s why he voted “no” on the measure. Colleague Chip Roy (R-TX) pointed out the United States’ current deficit, noting the country couldn’t afford to carry anyone else.

A total of 18 Republicans decided not to vote on the matter. Aside from two Democratic outliers, the Left completely supported the move, as did the vast majority of right-wing representatives.

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