Multiple Victims Hurt in Massive Bus Explosion

Multiple Victims Hurt in Massive Bus Explosion

( – While some disasters are natural and practically unstoppable like hurricanes and wildfires, humans cause others, whether intentionally or not. In Russia, a bus carrying around 35 passengers exploded, and authorities are still piecing together the story of what could have caused such a tragedy.

On Thursday, August 12, a city bus in the city of Voronezh, Russia exploded, injuring 20 people and killing two others. While an unnamed source said the public transport had a faulty gas container on its roof, the bus company claimed the vehicle was in serviceable condition and contained no gas equipment.

Al Arabiya, a leading Arab news site, shared details of the blast on Twitter:

Russia’s Investigative Committee (RIC) will be looking into the explosion to determine if the explosion was a result of bad actors or unsafe practices. They didn’t detect any chemical explosives at the scene, but it’s necessary to investigate more.

Disasters like this happen all over the world, but so often, they’re preventable with proper safety protocols. Hopefully, they can get to the root of the explosion and prevent it from happening again.

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