Murder Suspect Charged with Cannibalism

Murder Suspect Charged with Cannibalism

( – Crime is nothing new in America. There are robberies, car thefts, and even murders happening every day. But, for one man, it appears that murder wasn’t enough.

On September 10, 39-year-old James Russell from Idaho killed a 70-year-old man named David Flaget. Authorities arrested Russell after discovering the 70-year-old in the passenger seat of Russell’s truck upside down, with his wrists bound together and parts of his body missing.

Prosecutors have altered the criminal complaint to add a charge of cannibalism against Russell, who said he thought it would cure his brain if he ate Flaget.

Authorities searched Russell’s residence the day after the murder; they found thermal artifacts, a term used for when a portion of the body is heated instead of the entire body. The remains that police found in the home were Flaget’s, but authorities noted that some parts were still missing. While searching Russell’s home, police discovered a bloody knife along with a bloody bowl and microwave.

Detective Phillip Stella of Bonner County stated that this might be the first cannibalism case in Idaho, noting he couldn’t think of another one. In October, Judge Tara Harden decided to put court proceedings on hold, explaining that Russell wasn’t fit to stand trial. Judge Harden then asserted that Russell needed a mental examination and sent him to the Idaho Security Medical Program. His evaluation has been under seal since October 5.

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